About Our Private Jet Charter and Jet Aircraft Management Company – Jet Access Aviation

Private Jet Charter, Jet Aircraft Management and Sales

Built on a thirty year foundation by industry veterans, Jet Access Aviation is a full-service private aviation management company that provides clients with expertise in acquiring, operating and generating revenue using private jet aircraft.  Jet Access Aviation also offers a pay-as-you-go, membership-free, on-demand private aircraft charter service utilizing its fleet of turbo-prop and jet aircraft and a network of over 4,000 part 135 private aircraft.  Our service enables private aircraft owners to offset the costs of private airplane ownership, and allows travelers to fly via private jets without having to own a private aircraft.

Unlike competitors, who focus on volume, our business model ensures that every one of our team members, from dispatcher to the president of the company, is always available to take your phone call and answer your questions.  24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Private Jet Charters

At Jet Access Aviation we understand that individual private flight travel needs are as unique as our clients. We are committed to making each and every private flight cost-effective, uncomplicated, and comfortable.   With no up-front financial commitments, fractional ownership requirements, or membership cards Jet Access Aviation earns your business one private charter flight at a time.

With decades of experience, Jet Access Aviation sets the standard in luxury private flight travel. From a short day trip to the city, to the International vacation of a lifetime, every private charter flight enjoys our legendary concierge-level service.  Our never-ending pursuit of perfection and our unrivaled expertise ensures that your private flight and all of its fine points will exceed your expectations.

Jet Aircraft Management Expertise

Ownership of a private aircraft is a considerable investment of money and time.  With the right management company you will enjoy significant cost savings and a substantial influx of time.  Jet Access Aviation’s management expertise allows you to relax and focus on managing your family, life and business.

Earning revenue chartering your private aircraft when you are not using it can make strong fiscal sense.  Jet Access Aviation offers several ways to utilize your aircraft to earn revenue. From traditional charter revenue programs to innovative lease programs, our revenue programs are personalized to meet your exact needs.

While generating additional revenue for your private aircraft is our priority, Jet Access Aviation’s team also provides operational expertise to ensure your private aircraft is always operated with the highest standards.  We make certain your private aircraft is operated in compliance with all FAA requirements, as well as in accordance of highly-regarded standards such as the global IS-BAO standard for business aircraft operations.

With Jet Access Aviation you will also have the convenience of access to your own private charter flight department 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.  Your benefits can include:

  • 100% owner control over scheduling and private aircraft availability
  • Detailed cleaning of your private aircraft after each and every flight
  • In-depth financial and operational reporting about your private aircraft
  • Fully vetted, trained and experienced private aircraft flight crew at your disposal
  • Turn-key compliance with all private flight regulatory requirements
  • Access to other private charter aircraft at significantly reduced rates
  • Travel concierge services to assist with your car, hotel and other arrangements

Private Aircraft Sales

Jet Access Aviation’s team has nearly 50 years of combined aircraft transactional experience and is well-versed in the complex new and pre-owned private aircraft market. Whether buying or selling a private aircraft, our industry expertise and reputation for building strong, long-term relationships provides our clientele a level of service unique within the private aviation industry.

Partnering with Jet Access Aviation to purchase or sell your private aircraft can maximize your return with a prompt, smooth, and confidential transaction.  Based on your specific requirements and utilizing our network of private aircraft brokers, manufacturers and financial planners we can save you time, money, and frustration. Tailored to your needs with extensive research and intensive marketing, Jet Access Aviation will provide you the best personal aviation solution.